Feedback from our current clients

What some of our clients say...

"No matter what level of golf you play I couldn't recommend Adrian highly enough!! My golfing journey with Adrian started about 3 years ago when my game was getting gradually worse and playing golf became even more frustrating.So, I decided to start having regular lessons and I could see the improvements instantly. With hard work my handicap has reduced from 5.3 to 3.6. Adrian's knowledge of the golf swing and a variety of practice drills coupled with his enthusiasm and passion to see you improve make him a brilliant coach"
Matthew Hill
PE Teacher
"Adian has a friendly, encouraging and enjoyable way of teaching. He gives relevant coaching points in a clear, structured and uncomplicated way, and has helped improve the consistency of my ball striking"
Gill Lockwood
Retired PE Teacher
"I've had the pleasure of having Adrian as good friend as well as my coach. It's great to be with someone who can teach and have such strong mentoring skills. It's always a pleasure having a golf lesson and knowing it will be relaxed and informative. My game has certainly improved over the years and his core values are magnificent. If you're starting out on your golfing journey, Adrian is your go to guy!"
Daz Woolley
Managing Director
"Being a complete novice! I've always wanted to have a go at playing golf so I contacted AOS Golf Coaching. Adrian has been very professional, highly skilled and very patient teaching me everything I need to know to get out on to the golf course"
Sara Reedman
Professional Hairdresser
"I first had lessons with Adrian about 3 years ago and have carried on ever since. His method of coaching is very informative and friendly. His approach is very professional and up to date.I would thoroughly recommend Adrian"
Simon Lockwood
"I took up golf after my 40th birthday and decided after playing golf for approximately 20 years and achieving a handicap of 12, that I needed professional help to reach my goal of single figures. I contacted Adrian at AOS Golf Coaching. The lessons and practice drills are easily explained and I feel I'm improving each time. Thank you Adrian"
Sandra Maxwell
Retired gardener
"I currently have a handicap of 7 but being the wrong side of sixty, lacked distance and control. Having tried various ways to improve, including batting ball after ball, practicing the wrong things, analysis by paralysis, I decided to have a lesson with Adrian. What a revelation! After just two lessons I was hitting the ball further than I had for years, and with more consistency. My confidence rose and with Adey’s, enthusiastic approach and excellent method of communication, I could see and feel for the first time why I had been going wrong for so many years. It just feels right now. My game is again improving, and my love of the game has been restored. This year he has introduced staged learning, where you are set targets on the range. If you succeed, you move on; if you fail you go back to the beginning. All in all, a very enjoyable and rewarding hour"
Alan Tagg
"I started golf lessons with Adrian approximately 4 years ago. At that time my handicap was stuck at the 18 mark. With Adrian’s coaching and amazing patience my handicap has reduced in step changes to 14. I feel that the changes that he has introduced has given me a more stable and consistent swing such that I feel I can further reduce my handicap. I am particularly pleased with Adrian’s lessons on chipping. I feel this is a strength in my game and probably my favorite shot type. I have no hesitation recommending Adrian’s golf coaching if you really want to improve. He has the patience of a saint even when you are grumpy with your own lack of ability! Furthermore, he has introduced me to a golf society where we have had truly awesome golf holidays"
Anne Colwell
Chartered Accountant
"Adrian is an excellent golf coach. He works with the player's natural abilities and doesn’t over complicate things with the typical golf jargon. He helped me to change my very inconsistent swing, which I’ve been playing with for many years, to a more robust reliable one, which has resulted in a more enjoyable experience on the golf course. I would highly recommend"
Robert Page
Senior Surveyor
"I purchased some new golf clubs just over a year ago and Adrian of AOS Golf Coaching offered me the chance to correct and improve my swing and iron out a few other issues I was having with my game. Adrian, with his relaxed but excellent approach to coaching has been working with me for just 12 months now and the improvement in my tee shots is great. My alignment and distance has improved greatly not only on the tee but the fairways as well. Adding 15/20 yards to each stroke. We’ve worked a little on improving my short game and after a couple of sessions dealing with that issue, 9/10 shots are in the air and on target. I’ve still some way to go to reduce my handicap but Adrian gives me the tools to do the job the rest is down to me"
Paul Grewcock
Retired Sales Director
"I started to use Adrian of AOS golf coaching a few years ago as I wanted to improve my game. The coaching sessions always concentrate on one or two of my faults, this makes it easier to learn. Adrian’s expertise along with his use of modern coaching aids allows him to monitor my faults and correct these accordingly, I’m glad to say progress has been made, I feel more comfortable over the ball and I now know the cause of a poor shot I make on the course. Thanks to Adrian I will continue to play and improve my game"
Cormac Cullen
Shift Manager
"I contacted AOS because I was unable to take my game to 'the next level'. Adrian helped to identify where I could improve, including course management, and refined my swing into something more consistent and repeatable. He is friendly and approachable, and his advice is considered, simple and easy to follow. I cannot recommend him enough."
Jack Boyce
PR Consultant