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Adrian Saxton - PGA Professional

Adrian is a highly accomplished PGA Professional with an extensive 15-year track record in the golf industry. His expertise spans from coaching amateurs to professionals, catering to a diverse clientele. Operating from two prime locations in Nottingham and Derby, namely Ballers and Hackers and Horsley Lodge Golf Club, Adrian offers comprehensive coaching services.

With a commitment to staying abreast of the latest techniques, Adrian ensures his clients transcend from being proficient to exceptional golfers. His coaching style is characterised by professionalism, enthusiasm, and a relaxed approach tailored to individual needs. Whether refining your swing, perfecting pace putting, or adjusting your stance, Adrian leverages his wealth of expertise to optimise each session.

As a trusted coach for both amateurs and professionals, Adrian’s impact extends to the Derbyshire County Squad, where he has coached for several years. His dedication to enhancing performance has led clients to flourish on the golf course, testament to his unwavering commitment to their improvement.

In his sessions, Adrian prioritises a holistic approach, addressing both the mental and physical aspects of golfing ability. Through personalised instruction and hands-on training, he not only enhances your game but also deepens your understanding of the sport.

Reach out to Adrian today and embark on a journey to elevate your golfing prowess.

Adrian Saxton - Golf Coach in Nottingham & Derby
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