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Great news to hear golf will be back from the 2nd December! I think the courses and driving ranges will be chocker!
This also means that AOS Golf Coaching will be returning to coaching from Wednesday 2nd at Ballers and Hackers, Hucknall.
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Survey update
Thank you for your survey responses over the last week. It has been really insightful to find out more about your needs and how I can improve your experience. After studying the results, I am going to focus my attention on the following three areas.

1. UK Golf trips (76% said yes in the survey)
2. More time spend on the course (76% said yes in the survey)
3. A video sent over after the lesson 

UK golf trips
All being well, I plan to organise my first UK golf trip in April 2021. The trip would be a short two day break to a destination no more than two hours from the East Midlands area. I will let you know as soon as I have more details.

Time spent on the golf course
I believe this a really important area for us to focus on in 2021. A high percentage of respondents would like to more time spend out on the course. This will be rolled out in spring 2021. 

Video feedback sent after the lesson
This was highlighted a number of times in answer to the last question in the survey. I want to make this as tailored to your individual needs as possible with two options available. First, I will offer you a brief video via WhatsApp to help you easily take the information to the range with you. Second, I will offer a more detailed lesson overview via my video analysis software and this will be sent though by email. We can chat at your next lesson to see which option works best for you. 

Gift idea
Not sure what to ask for this Christmas?
Why not ask for gift of better golf!
All you need to do is ask your friends/family to get in touch with me and I can get a personalised lesson voucher emailed straight back! Simple!

Making swing changes
I know how hard it can be to make swing changes. I have been putting in some time on my own swing over the lockdown period and I wanted to share an update. 
I’m working to encourage a open club face and more arm depth on the backswing. The reason for this swing change is to stop quick hook to the left or a high right miss with the driver. The more depth I have with my hands at the top of the backswing, the more aggressive my downswing can be. This will help to move my driver towards a more neutral path coming into the ball.

At this stage of my backswing I would like to see my hands move closer towards my right pocket (from this camera angle). My wrist angle is also in a weaker position in order to help my club face become more neutral. 
The reality is my movement is not the same as my practice swing. Although I’m making an exaggeration in my “feel swing” my wrist position and my hand position in my “real swing” don’t match my intention. I’m going to keep working on the same area to help with making this swing changes stick!

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